Discover more about AZV's Insurance Premium

A system as that of AZV means that everybody is insured is expensive. Here we explain the way it is finanzed. 


There are three types of contribution to the fund AZV: the premium, BAZV and a contribution from the government.  


If you are working a part of your salary is for the AZV premium and will be paid to the Departamento di Impuesto di Aruba. You pay 1,6% of your gross salary each month for the AZV premium. Besides your part as an employee, your employer will pay 8,9% over your gross salary as AZV premium. If you have your own company you pay both parts, a total of 10,5%. This also apllies to everyone with a pension, they pay 10,5% of their income (pension income).


Since December 2014 another form of income has been creatd for the fund AZV. The so called 'BAZV' referring to a destination tax , a sort of a salestax on the profit of your company. On every product or service that you buy, you pay 1,5% BAZV. The company pays every month a total amount to the Tax Department and this is being send directly to AZV.

The big difference with the AZV premium is that by paying the BAZV more people contribute to the Fund AZV. Not only the employee or employer, but everybody that for example buys bread or goes the a movie 'supports' the fund.

Government contribution

In addition to the AZV premium there was always a contribution from the government, the so called "Landsbijdrage". By increasing the premium and introducing the BAZV the contribution of the government lowers during the years. Still there is a need for the contribution to help cover all the costs.

  • For more information about the AZV premium and the AZV check the website:

  • If you want to see how much money goes to the Fund AZV and what AZV does, please check our financial reports here.


The premium obligation and premium refund AZV 

Insured for the AZV is the person “who is registered in the basic administration and has his main residence here with due observance of the National Ordinance on Admission and Deportation”. This is stipulated in the AZV law. The AZV law also stipulates that an insured is liable to pay national insurance contributions on his premium income. 

If an insured chooses not to register with the Executive Body and therefore not to use the AZV, this does not release him from his staturoy obligation to pay premium. Only in a very limited number of cases an exemption from the AZV and the obligation to pay premium can be given.

The Tax Administration Department is charged with the collection and levying of AZV premium. For any wrongfully deducted and paid AZV premium, we therefore refer you to the Tax Administration Deparment.