Who is Entitled

Find out if you are entitled to the standard AZV package

When you live in Aruba and you're registred in de Population Registration (Census) you are entitled to AZV. That's the easy way to look at it. Having rights means having a few obligations too. Although the AZV is a mandatory insurance, it still requires you to register personally at the AZV to get your proof of insurance, choose your (family) doctor, pharmacy and dentist. When you don't register at AZV, the obligation to pay premium still stays.


To register at AZV you must bring a valid identification, for example a valid passport or id-card, and a proof of registration at the Censo. The so called '5 florin paper'.

You can use your AZV starting from the moment that you registered at the AZV office. At each visit to the health service provider you must present your proof of registration from AZV, the so called 'ZorgPas'. 

In case you're born in Aruba and have the Netherlands nationality, the above mentioned documents apply to you. 

Persons who have to bring additional documentation 

When you're born in Aruba and have the Netherlands nationality, the above mentioned documents apply to you. So a valid id and a proof of registration at Censo, but in a lot of other cases there are other requirements which we will explain (here) below:

In case you're in Aruba on a permit, you must also bring: 

  • a document that proofs that you have a legal status in Aruba, for example a valid residence permit. 

In case you're in Aruba based on a contract with the Government of Aruba: 

  • you will also have to bring a State Decision or Declaration or Employment contract (for example a teacher or judge).

In case you have a Netherlands nationality but you're not born in Aruba and one of your parents is born in Aruba and has the Netherlands nationality:

  • you have to present your birth certificate and a valid identification of your parents. 

In case you have the Netherlands nationality and you were living in Aruba before January 1st of 1986: 

  • you must also bring your 'Statement registered since...' (the form is called 'Verklaring sedert ingeschreven..' (10 florins) from Censo.

In case you have naturalized in Aruba: 

  • you must also bring your Royal Degree of naturalization. 

For the registration of minors you must also bring, besides the documents already mentioned and in case applicable:

  • a valid proof of identification of the parent or legal representative who comes to register the child; 

  • the proof of identification of the father when it refers to a single mother and recognition of the minor by the father who has the Netherlands nationality;

  • the proof of legal custody in case you're the guardian of the child; 

  • weddingbook or birth certificate or birth card from the hospital (pink or blue).

Obligation to hand in ZorgPas.

The moment you go live abroad you must hand in your ZorgPas to AZV since AZV is only valid in Aruba. 

When you present at AZV to hand in your ZorgPas you must bring: 

  • your unsubscription certificate of Censo; 

  • your traveling ticket; 

  • your ZorgPas.

Based on these documents, AZV will close your insurance policy according to the date mentioned on your traveling ticket. You will also receive a letter from AZV declaring that you were insured for medical expenses in Aruba. This letter is being asked for in some countries as a proof that you were insured.

When AZV is not applicable

We have explained who is entitled to AZV and how you can qualify for it, but there are some exceptions too. Persons who are not obliged to AZV. AZV is not applicable in case:

  • you and or members of your family, being resident, are excluded to participate to the social premiums, in accordance to international agreements which Aruba is a part of.

  • you and or members of your family, being resident, have a workrelationship, at another place than a legal person, established at another place in the Kingdom and has an income with that; 

  • accoring to law, you have been excluded from your freedom. 

It can happen that you are registred in the Population registry (Censo), but you already have a medical insurance abroad. In that case, you can apply for a remission of the AZV and thereafter from the obligation to pay the AZV premium if you can proof that: 

  • you have a medical insurance abroad, with a similar coverage as AZV and this medical insurance has it's origin thru a legal regulation / law.