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Pulso started in 2009 and has been a solid name in the community providing information about health in Papiamento. Every 3 months a new edition of 16 pages is published and you can get your Pulso free at any of the AZV offices, at the family doctors, pharmacies and other health care providers. 

Pulso is a magazine in Papiamento with lot's of information about health. It is produced by AZV itself with the input of all the health service providers. In addition to information about diseases, it also includes articles about prevention, being active and healthy recipes.

If there is any topic that you think is interesting and you want to read about it in Pulso...please inform us. We will be very happy to serve you.

Pulso edicion 37 pulso icon

Pulso edicion 37

Bo mester di cuido pero bo sa unda pa bay?
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Pulso edicion 36

Pulso edicion 36 A yega ora pa bo lanta!
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Pulso edicion 35

Edicion 35
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Pulso edicion 34

Edicion 34
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Pulso edicion 33

Edicion 33
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Pulso edicion 32

Edicion 32
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Pulso edicion 31

Edicion 31
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Pulso edicion 30

Edicion 30
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Pulso edicion 29

Edicion 29
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